Filtering ASINS

Using the Blocked ASIN List: An In-Depth Guide

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on leveraging the Blocked ASIN List feature in MarketGap. Learn how this tool empowers you to manage your Amazon store effectively by preventing the listing or delisting of specific ASINs.


Blocking ASINs: Purpose and Benefits

  • When you add an ASIN to the Blocked ASIN list, MarketGap ensures the ASIN isn't listed or, if already listed, it's delisted.
  • This feature proves valuable for a range of scenarios:
          - Preventing the listing of prohibited items.
          - Managing items with violations.
          - Addressing items with high return rates.
          - Opting not to sell certain items for any reason.


Implementation and Impact

- By designating an ASIN as blocked, you maintain better control over your store's inventory and reputation.
- This feature is essential for enforcing compliance with Amazon's regulations and ensuring a smooth customer experience.


Example Scenarios:

1. Prohibited Items: Keep your store free from prohibited items by adding their ASINs to the blocked list.
2. Violations Management: Address items that have received violations by blocking their ASINs.
3. Return Rates: Manage items with excessive returns by preventing their listing or delisting.


In summary, the Blocked ASIN List gives you the authority to manage your Amazon store precisely as you wish. It's a tool for proactive inventory control and maintaining a compliant, customer-centric business. Our support team is readily available if you have any inquiries or require assistance. At MarketGap, we're dedicated to your selling success!