Filtering Keywords

Discover how this feature safeguards your Amazon store by preventing specific words or phrases from being listed.


Item Keywords and Phrases:

  • Utilize the Restricted Keyword List for single-word keywords.
  • Utilize the Restricted Phrase List for phrases containing multiple words. The restriction applies when the complete phrase is present, not individual words separately.
  • The restricted Keywords feature focuses on specific words or phrases.
  • Any item with that word in its title won't be listed when you add a word to this list.


Ensuring Compliance:

- This tool is particularly useful for avoiding prohibited items like firearms.
- It helps prevent restricted product violations on Amazon and complies with shipping carriers' restrictions on items like flammable goods.


Creating a Strong Keyword List:

- Use a mix of words, synonyms, and related keywords for optimal results.
- A well-crafted list enhances the accuracy of the filter.


Example Scenarios:

1. Prohibited Items: Add terms like "firearm," "gun," or related keywords to the restricted list to avoid listing firearms.
2. Shipping Carrier Restrictions: Prevent listing flammable items by including words of flammable items like "flammable," "Aerosol spray" and synonyms in the restricted list.


Restricted Keywords add an extra layer of compliance to your Amazon store. You protect your store's reputation and adhere to Amazon's guidelines by excluding certain terms from your listings. For any queries or assistance, our support team is ready to help. At MarketGap, we're dedicated to making your selling journey smoother. Your success is our priority!