Order Management

Q: I've received an order on MarketGap. What are the next steps?

A: Firstly, purchase the item on Amazon.com, selecting the best offer based on time and price. Ensure the price is not higher than the listed order price to maintain a profit margin. 

Upon receiving the item at your address, remove all invoices to comply with Amazon's dropshipping policy, which requires you to be the seller on record. 

Ensure the correct item was ordered and received, quality check the item for any discrepancy or tear or damage.

Next, repack the item along with the customer invoice, and ship it using your preferred carrier.


Q: How can I calculate the profit on an order?

A: To calculate your profit, convert the order total to USD, then subtract 17% (for Amazon and MarketGap fees), the estimated shipping cost, and the item's cost on Amazon.com. The remaining amount is your profit. 

Be sure to also account for operational costs, potential returns, and refunds, and note that the final shipping cost might vary from your estimate.


Q: The item I sold is unavailable or has increased in price on Amazon.com. What should I do?

A: In such cases, consider the following options:

  1. Consult keepa.com for the item's price history and to gauge when it might be back in stock or available at a lower price.
  2. Use keepa.com to track the item, receiving notifications when it becomes available or decreases in price.
  3. Search for the item on other platforms like Walmart or Target that ship within the US.
  4. If the item remains unavailable, inform your customer about the backorder status, offering options for cancellation, a refund, or a wait for restocking.