Filtering Brands

Mastering Brand Filtering: Your Comprehensive Guide Welcome to the ultimate guide on Brand Filtering within MarketGap. This powerful tool empowers you to curate the brand landscape of your Amazon store, ensuring precision, compliance, and security. Let's explore the two sections that grant you this control.

Discovering Brands: Discover Section

1. Discover > Brands: Here, you can explore brands currently available in MarketGap. This section offers insights into the expansive range of brands you can interact with.


Managing Brands: Inventory Section

2. Inventory > Brands:
  - Allowed List: Your strategic command center. Within the "Allowed" list, you orchestrate the brands you want to list in your store. Every item's brand is cross-referenced with this list; the item won't be listed if the brand isn't present. This list is at the heart of MarketGap's functionality.
  - Blocked List: Here, you exercise control over your brand landscape. Add brands you prefer not to sell—whether due to received violations, trademark considerations, or other reasons. The blocked list bolsters your store's security and compliance.


In the event that a brand is present on both the Allowed and the Blocked brand's lists, the Blocked list takes precedence, resulting in the exclusion of the brand from listing in the marketplace.


Why Brand Filtering Matters:

- Strategic Listing: The allowed list ensures that only the brands you've greenlit find a place in your store.
- Compliance and Control: The blocked list adds an extra layer of control, keeping you compliant with regulations and your business strategy.


Example Scenarios:

1. Strategic Branding: Use the allowed list to curate brands that align with your store's identity and goals.
2. Security and Compliance: Employ the blocked list to prevent listing brands with violations or trademark considerations.



In a nutshell, Brand Filtering in MarketGap empowers you to shape your Amazon store's brand landscape precisely as you envision. It's a strategic listing, compliance, and control tool geared toward enhancing your selling experience. Our support team is ready to assist if you have any queries or need assistance. At MarketGap, your success is our commitment!