Limit Purchase Price Range

MarketGap offers you the flexibility to refine the items you list in your store based on the purchase price. By configuring minimum and maximum purchase price thresholds, you can precisely control which products are included in your listings.

How It Works:

  • Minimum Purchase Price: If you set a minimum purchase price, let's say, $10, any item with a purchase price below $10 on will not be listed in your store.
  • Maximum Purchase Price: Conversely, when you establish a maximum purchase price, such as $100, any item exceeding this purchase price on will be excluded from your store listings.

This feature provides you with the means to manage your listings effectively. For instance, you can use it to prevent the listing of high-value items, minimizing the potential risks associated with these products, such as returns, loss in transit, or fraud.

With this tool at your disposal, you can tailor your listings to align with your business strategy and mitigate potential risks effectively.